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    Christin Berges

    Was hoping to get an expert opinion on this situation with both P&E and Accreditation standards in mind reference firearm security.
    Our wonderful P&E facility just upgraded their firearm storage from locked cabinets to a gated storage area (and it is awesome). It was made out of fencing and they made sure large gaps were covered. There is one area I wanted to make sure before they close out the ticket for the project. There is a SLIGHT space in the ceiling of this gated area – is this an issue? I have included photos below:
    1. Overall look
    2. View from inside to show how small the space is
    3. Secondary photo from the side to show the space.

    One of our CSTs tried to put his arm down it and was not able to maneuver anything. Lastly to note, this is inside the secured facility where you have to enter 3 doors to even get to this area: (alarmed door to office of our P&E where the technician’s office is, then secured door into the property and evidence area, then secured door into this evidence specific area where there is higher liability things, and THEN this cage for firearms.)

    Would love to know yall’s thoughts.
    Thank you!!

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