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Certified Accreditation Professional Program (CAP)

What is CAP?

FLA-PAC promotes the concept of the voluntary certification for all accreditation professionals in the criminal justice field. The Certified Accreditation Professional Program (CAP) was established in 2009. Accreditation practitioners who are recognized as Certified Accreditation Professionals have reached one of the highest levels of achievement and recognition in the accreditation field.

What are the general eligibility requirements?

  • Candidates must be employed by a member agency of FLA-PAC or must be an associate/retired member of the FLA-PAC.
  • Candidates must be currently active in the FLA-PAC.
  • Points must be earned in each of four (4) categories: Experience, Education and Training, Leadership and Services, and Awards and Recognition. Minimum and maximum point levels have been established and are described elsewhere in this document.
  • Attendance at one (1) FLA-PAC Conference including the FLA-PAC Business Meeting per year is required.

How do I apply?

A complete description of the program, including all eligibility requirements, is included in the CAP Application Instructions document. Please carefully review the instructions. Documentation of the program criteria is required. Incomplete packages will not be considered.

Where do I send my application?

Complete application packages may be emailed or mailed to:

Commander Nicole Minick
Collier County Sheriff’s Office
3319 Tamiami Trail E
Naples, FL 34112

Payment of the $175 fee must accompany the initial application. The fee for Recertification is $50. A fee is required to cover the costs of the program including an individually prepared plaque. Payment may be in the form of a check or money order made payable to FLA-PAC.

Please contact us for more information.

Current Certified Accreditation Professionals

  • James Aguiar***
  • Gary Barrett*
  • Juli Brown****
  • Tina Chatmon*
  • Tammy Farnham***
  • Sandra Guajardo**
  • Erika Hasson
  • Areaka Jewell
  • Sarah Kenniff
  • Adam LaFan
  • Tammy Matthews**
  • Flora Miller*
  • Nicole Minick***
  • Rob Pace*
  • David Pate***
  • Cynthia Pugsley*
  • Marie Reese*
  • Doug Robertson*
  • Gary Robinson****
  • Frank Ruggiero**
  • Marette Sims**
  • Meghan Warman*
  • Wanda White****
  • Christa Wisnewski

*Recertified 1 time
**Recertified 2 times
***Recertified 3 times
****Recertified 4 times

Former Certified Accreditation Professionals

  • Troy Bettencourt
  • Dianna Blackledge*
  • Bob Brongel***
  • Bruce Clark***
  • Juliane Day**
  • Cheryl DeGroff
  • Tim Elder**
  • James Fannin
  • Karen Gilbert
  • Christine Goracke*
  • David Gray
  • Johnny Greenwood
  • Ana Guerra*
  • David Harvey*
  • Clyde Hedrick*
  • Dianne Hill
  • Tammie Jacobs*
  • Jennifer Jacques
  • Dean Kelly
  • Maria Marino-Bollan***
  • Joe Monteagudo*
  • Jerry Rothman*
  • Daniel Sacher-Brown
  • Amy Schmidt*
  • Gloria Sepanik
  • Robert Thomas
  • Cheryl Turner**
  • Justin Woodall

*Recertified 1 time
**Recertified 2 times
***Recertified 3 times
****Recertified 4 times