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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a conference?

Click on Training Week on the menu. Then, click on “Register Now” on the Training Week page. Follow the prompts to register for the conference you want to attend. Make sure you are logged in as a member to receive the discounted registration fee.

How do I get a refund for a conference registration?

You may request a refund, or future conference credit, by email to the FLA-PAC Treasurer.

The conference hotel is sold out, are there overflow hotels?

The FLA-PAC does not contract with any overflow hotel locations. You may book off-site at any local hotel in the area, however there are no special negotiated rates.

How do I reset my password to the Member Login?

While logged into your account, visit your Account Dashboard. From that page, click the Edit My Account button. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see an option to edit your password.

Alternatively, email the Treasurer at The treasurer will sent a password reset link to your email.

I won a free conference registration; how do I redeem the certificate?

Email the Treasurer. They will provide you with a coupon code to redeem your free conference registration. Once you have the coupon code, register for the conference you want to attend and add it to the coupon field.

My Chief (and/or Command Staff) plan to attend the conference for the Commission Meeting(s), do they have to register for the conference?

No, only those attendees who plan to attend training classes are required to register for the conference.

How do I register as a Vendor?

Click on the Vendor tab in our menu. Review the benefits of each level available and then click the Register as a Vendor. Select the conference you wish to attend and follow the prompts.

I registered as a vendor, now what?

Vendors will be provided a table in the main registration area at the conference. There are no set hours as this area is open to attendees throughout the day. Setup is allowed beginning Monday morning and breakdown must be completed by end of day on Thursday. Vendors are welcome to setup or breakdown anytime during the week. Vendors are invited to attend the “information sharing” events held every evening from 6pm – 10pm.