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    Good Afternoon,

    If your agency members are represented by the PBA/FOP, does the agency provide policies being changed/written to the union?

    And if so, do you share all policies being revised/written, or just those that affect the terms and conditions of employment?

    Thank you.

    Justin Woodall

    Only policies that affect terms and conditions of employment are shared with the union prior to dissemination (PBA). After the Sheriff signs ours, they go to our agency liaison. Other policies get disseminated upon the Sheriff’s signature.

    Wendy Roberts

    We send all of our new and revised written directives to the union.

    Kaley Behl

    Our Directive Review Committee reviews and votes on all substantive policy changes. A PBA representative is a voting member for all policy changes. That way, they get to review all changes, whether or not the policy revision affects bargaining.


    Our agency sends all of our revised policies to the FOP representative prior to submitting to the Sheriff for signature.


    No since our PBA President/Rep is a sworn member of our agency.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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