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Jeannine West

Yes, below is an excerpt from our policy (directive is also attached). Hope this helps!

Tire Deflation Device:
a. In determining whether to deploy the tire deflation device the following factors shall be considered:
1) Consideration of the safety of the deputy deploying the tire deflation device;
2) The safety of the public;
3) The available time frame for deployment;
4) The suitability of the location for deployment;
5) Any traffic or environmental hazards that could affect a successful deployment.
b. The following procedures will be utilized during deployment:
1) The deputy making the decision to deploy a tire deflation device will notify Consolidated Dispatch of the location of the deployment.
2) Consolidated Dispatch will transmit the above information to all units and also have the responsibility of promptly notifying other jurisdictions involved in the vehicle apprehension of the time, location, and units involved in the deployment of the tire deflation device.
3) The deputy will notify Consolidated Dispatch when deployment of the tire deflation device occurred and if the vehicle immobilization was successful.
4) After deployment, the tire deflation device will be removed from the roadway as soon as officer safety permits.
c. Tire Deflation Devices shall not be deployed to terminate motorcycle or ATV pursuits.
d. Only deputies who have completed Tire Deflation technique training shall utilize it.

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