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Kaley Behl

1. We are looking for policies and contact information related to off-duty / extra-duty details. See attached.

2. How do you handle unfilled details? If no one has signed up, they push out notifications (pleas) to try to get them filled, but if they go unfilled, they aren’t staffed and the money is refunded.

3. How does your agency determine the number of personnel needed to staff the detail? It’s based on the number of people expected to attend the event and the type of event it is. The Captain of the extra duty program makes that determination.

4. (Is it determined by the requestor or the agency? The agency

5. Is there a minimum #?) There are a minimum number of hours. (3)

6. Is payment required upfront? Yes

Does anyone use an average of of the agency personnel’s OT rate as the cost of the detail? The base rate is an average, but it’s only calculated every few years. It’s the same rate for all employees of the same rank and then there is a surcharge for the Extra Duty program added to that fee. See the form for rates.

Our Detail Coordinator will reach out to your Detail Coordinator if you provide the contact info.

Extra Duty Coordinator Caitlin Horvath at

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